Udstillingsstedet Sydhavn St. 

Fools Abode

Clay, vintage table, coins, plastic, dollhouse, pen/pencil on paper, dried flowers (hanging heads), seeds, painters tape, broken heart-pendant
48cm x 79cm x 95cm
About the work  

For this exhibition Olivia Rode Hvass is working with the notion of charachter-design and fantasy through a sculptural output.She has created a four footed table-creature with human looking feet and withered flowers between it's toes. On top of it a drawing of a displeased jester. Through the context of the exhibition, Rode Hvass is looking into nuances of classical characters in fairy tales, and the idea that the treasures might not solve (y)our problems.

The piece was made for the theme-specific group exhibition SKATTEJAGT (in English: “Treasure Hunting”). An exhibition about fiction, fairy tales and treasures, presenting following artists:
Sofie Burgaard,
Olivia Rode Hvass,
Truls Mårtenssen,
Jone Tou,
Sigrid Lerche,
Mette Bjørndal,
Nicolai Risbjerg,
and Switch Collective aka. Frida Retz & Didde Borup Larsen.
The exhibition’s poster frieze is made by Noah Holtegaard and the billboard is made by Tanja Silvestrini.

Exhibition text, Sydhavn St. webpage (in Danish)

Curated by Nicolai Riisbjerg and Mette Bjørndal
Documented by Mikkel Kaldal