Sketch for a Scarecrow
Made for the exhibition “Sticks on Fire, Hands in Bloom” at 00.00 Seoul 10th-26th of November, 2023
Will be available for purchase  at Benefit Art Sale, O-Overgaden on the 16th of December, 2023. 

Sketch for a fountain
“Spewing, Spitting, Vomiting, Water”  
Comissioned for the “Fountain Exhibition” at Kunsthal 6100
April - September 2023

Accompanying text  
I enjoy the drama of ancient spitting fountains - mythical creatures almost vomiting water onto the coins people wishfully throw into the dephts of the basin. Water often being seen as some magical force of transformation. A place for wishes to come true.
Here, the water being spewed through holes in chests.
With torrents replacing their hearts.
I imagine the fountain being made in Italian marble, extremely well-polished, having the smoothest butts, or maybe in copper that slowly oxidizes.
Preferably standing in the middle of a beautiful forest or maybe in some parking lot building. 
Curated by Marie Dufresne 
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