In Captivity but no Longer Dead (solo exhibition at Ladder Space, Copenhagen) 

Total installation consisting of hay, rug-beaters, coins, burned butterflies, collected flora, pumpkins, broken hearts (jute, fabric scraps, yarn - made in collaboration with seemstress, Fredericke Kellberg). Documented by: Anders Aarvik & Mikkel Kaldal

In Captivity but No Longer Dead
Solo exhibition

In Ladder Space - a 19th century horse stable in the meatpacking district, which is now housing exhibitions of contemporary art - you’ll find the exhibition In Captivity But No Longer Dead - by Olivia Rode Hvass.

In the exhibition you will experience a site specific installation taking us back to the time where the horses took residence in the buildings. A universe of broken hearts, scarecrows and tapestries depicting horses in captivity and their memories of violence and grief.

The installation features works from her series of digitally woven tapestries My Heart Breaks Every Day… …Until I Run Away. They are inspired by the mysterious medieval fantasies of the Hunt of the Unicorn (La Chasse à la licorne), dating back to 1495-1505, originally depicting French noble hunters capturing an exotic unicorn. The original story celebrates the conquest of the "exotic"/the virgin by the hunter/the man. In Olivia Rode Hvass' series, the horse is the main character, and here the escape from the violent systems and relationships end up with the horses running free.

In Ladder Space we find ourselves lingering in a scenery of sorrow. A longing for change.

Curated by artists Anders Aarvik and Anne Sofie Skjold Møller.